• Failures = Innovation

    Learning from mistakes leads to better engineering As one year ends and another begins, many workplaces like to reflect on the previous year and to celebrate their team and its achievements. At Aercoustics, we celebrate failures. Yes, you read that right. The biggest screw ups of the year are recognized with a trophy at our holiday party. This award is not meant to be negative. It is all in good fun and there is no shame in taking home the hardware. We do this to celebrate innovative ideas and learning. Our team works very hard and we want to reassure everyone that mistakes are part of the learning process. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” — Thomas A. Edison This speaks to our values as a company. At Aercoustics, what sets us apart is our passion for Outrageous Engineering. In order to deliver, we […]

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  • Rock Out Toronto! Acoustic Design for New Recording Studio

    Transforming an Old Warehouse into a Much-Needed Musical Rehearsal Space Canada has a vibrant arts scene and many at Aercoustics count themselves as part of it, so we are ardent supporters. There is a critical shortage of rehearsal spaces for local musicians in cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Some of the already limited rehearsal spots have been swallowed up by re-development, leaving even fewer options for bands looking for a place to jam. That’s why we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work on Lynx Music, a 10,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art music rehearsal and multimedia production facility in the heart of Toronto. This is not a garage or basement rehearsal space, but a venue designed for music. Originally a warehouse, Lynx Music is now a two-storey facility consisting of nine rehearsal studios and a fully floating recording studio block which features a live room, control room, a vocal isolation […]

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  • Aercoustics Wind Turbine Noise Impact Assessments

    Turn, Turn, Turn!

    All Wind Turbine Noise Impact Assessments Are Not Created Equal. When it comes to green power alternatives, wind power is a popular and growing option. It’s easy to see why: it is clean, affordable, and endlessly renewable. In fact, electricity from wind energy is one of the fastest growing methods of electrical generation in the world. And Canada is now the fifth-largest market in the world for the installation of new wind turbines.

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  • Love Thy Neighbour

    Many contractors face complaints from noise and vibration that can threaten to delay or shut down their construction project. Some construction companies even found themselves fighting lawsuits launched by homeowners claiming the vibration damaged their property. Proactive noise and vibration monitoring can help mitigate this risk – and keep the peace.

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  • Don’t Let Noise Eat Into Your Restaurant Business

    As a whole, the restaurant and food service industry is a notoriously tough one. From well-known franchises to an independent establishment, the struggle is real and the numbers are bleak. Half of restaurants fail within four years and only make two per cent in profit.

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  • Industry can cause interruptive Environmental Noise

    Stop Losing Sleep to Your Noisy Neighbours

    If it seems like we have been making a lot of noise in our blog lately about noise, you’re right. It is a timely issue. Across the country, municipalities and ministries are repeatedly called to intervene when residents complain about noise disrupting their peace and quiet.

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  • Sending Employees on New Adventures Actually Builds Company Loyalty

    Experiencing life in other countries broadens horizons and allows you to learn about culture, food and people in another part of the globe. For many years, universities and colleges have embraced study abroad programs as an academically enriched opportunity.

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  • Open offices present interesting challenges for room acoustics

    Design an Open Office that Doesn’t Suck

    Open office layouts are no longer a tech or creative sector trend. They are becoming much more common in a variety of workplaces and for good reason. With proper design and room acoustics, open office spaces can provide a collaborative and efficient workplace while saving a lot of space.

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  • Noise Complaints in a Commercial / Office environment

    Keeping the Peace at Work

    Noise concerns—and noise complaints—are usually associated with residential properties because everyone has the right to peace and quiet in their own home. Commercial properties are often forgotten since they are a place of work.

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  • A noise audit may be required for your large industrial facilitiy

    Cheat Sheet on How to Pass Your Noise Audit

    Environmental noise pollution in Ontario has been regulated since the 1970s. But it wasn’t until years later when residential developments started to encroach on industrial sites that noise pollution became a concern, forcing plant owners to take a long and hard look at the impact on surrounding areas.

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