from orchestra pits to gravel pits

There’s sound you want to cultivate – like the clarity of a string quartet.
There’s noise you have to control – imagine the continuous roar of a power plant.
There’s vibration you have to mitigate – such as the rumble of a subway running under your condo. These are the possibilities and problems that the engineers at Aercoustics thrive on.

Indoors or outdoors, overhead or underground, aesthetic or industrial, our passion is finding effective, efficient ways to engineer rooms, equipment and work sites to solve acoustic, noise and vibration problems.

> Full spectrum problem solving

full spectrum problem solving

For nearly 40 years, we’ve been true specialists addressing the full spectrum of acoustic engineering, noise control and vibration mitigation. Perhaps more importantly, we understand how acoustics, noise and vibration interrelate – both in causing problems and untangling them. With our holistic approach to sound and vibration, we provide a full range of services for all imaginable applications, including:

  1. Performing arts centre acoustics
  2. Recording and broadcast studios
  3. Architectural acoustic design
  4. Museum and art gallery acoustics
  5. Cinema design and noise control
  6. Building and room isolation
  7. Transit and rail systems
  8. Bridge vibration
  9. Subways and streetcar terminals
  10. Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD)
  11. HVAC noise control
  12. Environmental noise
  13. Wind turbine power plants and wind farms
  14. Quarries and mines
  15. Active noise cancellation systems
  16. Cogeneration power plants
  17. Computer Aided Noise Abatement (Cadna/A®)

> Team-Oriented Solutions

Team-Oriented Solutions

On this site, you’ll find a representative sampling of clients, partners and projects dotting the range of our experience and expertise. We trust you’ll find them of interest, but tell us about what you\’re designing or having to respond to – we can join or create the team you need to arrive at your desired results.

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