Take a look at how we at Aercoustics execute our ideas and celebrate our team members.

Rogue Week, happening once a quarter, takes place on a Thursday afternoon. During this time, the entire team comes together to innovate and spark new ideas. This gives us all the opportunity to pursue personal areas of interest and experiment. At the end of the day, we regroup as a company over lunch to share what we accomplished, why it was important, and what we did. Rogue Day builds engagement and commitment among our team members while also benefiting our clients by helping us develop better solutions for our projects.

Our work at Markham Stouffville Hospital demonstrates the power of audio simulation to empower our clients in their decision making – in this case, to control noise and create a stress-free atmosphere in the maternity ward. We focused on understanding how helicopter would sound through various glass types, ceilings, and structures. Ensuring the well-being of babies and mothers at the hospital was our top priority. We validated our work and design measuring via 15 channels of sound and vibration sensors throughout the hospital as a helicopter landed on the rooftop. This project helped to give better and faster care to the community.