Vibration control is critical to retain the integrity of brilliant design.

Our vibration consultants can help you measure, analyze, and resolve vibration issues for optimal vibration control.

Vibration forces – whether external or coming from within a building – can be cause for architectural and structural concern. So when we were part of Frank Gehry’s team, working on the expansion of the Art Gallery of Ontario, we had to solve vibrational issues that could have had detrimental affects on invaluable art objects as well as take away from people’s enjoyment of the gallery.

Innovative thinking led us to create a computer model of the new structure to predict vibration levels and helped us determine that while some areas were fine, other high-traffic areas needed Tuned Mass Dampers to absorb the vibration energy to imperceptible levels for maximum enjoyment of this beautiful facility.

As vibration consultants, we’re experts in monitoring and isolation, we work with architects, engineers, planners and facility managers to determine the cause of, and more importantly, the solution to any vibration control issues.

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