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Inventions & IP that Drive Innovation

As engineers, not only do we love data, but we love analyzing data and using it to uncover insights that allow us to create better tools and systems.

We’ve spent countless hours—both in the office and in the field—researching, developing and refining our propriety systems and products. These Inventions and Intellectual Property are what excite us and push our team to dig deeper every day.

It’s this type of thinking and development that enable us to stay at the top of our field.

The sophisticated software tools that we’ve developed help us to better analyze and predict acoustics and vibration impact, such as 3D modeling in Rhino using NURBs. And other efforts have led to the development of new measurement and analysis techniques for transit vibration monitoring. Show us some data, and we’ll show you a different way to look at it.

Introducing The Bridge

Our latest endeavor is The Bridge: an advanced 3D sound simulation studio. The first of its kind in Canada, The Bridge is designed to accurately recreate any acoustical environment in three dimensions, so we can help our clients experience sound like never before.

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Simulation Studio

Introducing The Bridge: 3D sound simulation studio.

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