Each year Aercoustics typically hires 3-4 Interns through university engineering programs across Canada. These are fully salaried staff positions that last between 14 and 16 months in duration. Every Intern is assigned a Principal engineer for mentorship and are enrolled in our company-wide, internal training program, U of Mo – named in honour of former Aercoustics mentor and acoustical engineering pioneer Mohan Barman. During these internships, students are exposed to all aspects of Aercoustics work including field assignments, project management, report writing, data analysis and engineering design. They also participate in our community engagement activities such as Canstruction. Many internship students return full time after graduation. 

Aercoustics won University of Toronto’s PEY Co-op Employer of the Year Award in 2020-2021. 

The Professional Engineering Year (PEY) Co-op Employer of the Year Award recognizes an exceptional employer that was hired from the PEY Co-op Program during the 2020-2021 work term. The recipient of this award provided a unique work experience and fostered a positive and supportive environment to a PEY Co-op student or students through enriching professional development opportunities. Because of the employer, the student or students came away from their PEY Co-op experience with enhanced knowledge, honed interests and a head start on developing as a professional. 

“My time as a student at Aercoustics has been incredibly fulfilling and has helped me learn and develop a vast skillset that I did not have when I started here. I have had the opportunity to work with all sectors of the company and have been involved in a wide range of interesting and engaging projects. Almost 10 months in, I am still learning new things every single day while gaining valuable perspectives and insight from the brilliant engineers that I am surrounded with. The team is incredibly supportive and encouraging, and I really do feel like a member of the team, not just a student. The level of responsibility and the number of contributions that I have been able to make while at Aercoustics is far beyond what I ever expected from an internship, and has really helped me develop my skills as a future engineer.”

Valerie Stephens