Environmental Wind

Noise from wind power plants is a growing concern and the wind noise measurement process is complex. The regulatory requirements around wind power call for high precision measurements. We’ve measured infrasound, audible sound and vibration, inside and outside homes, for residents and wind companies. The bottom line is that we deliver unbiased data and information – in a somewhat clouded environment – so that our clients get the straight facts.

Our team’s deep involvement in all aspects of wind turbine noise, be it noise modelling of over 1GW of wind energy, over 100,000 hours of post construction noise monitoring at residences, conducting over 200 Sound Power tests in accordance with IEC 61400-11, or the multitude of our published research, enables us to provide the most impactful advice on your project. We have extensive experience working with manufacturers such as GE, Siemens, Vestas, and Enercon. Aercoustics is the expert sound consultant for the Vermont Department of Public Service and Minnesota Department of Commerce. We have developed policy for the provincial governments of Ontario and British Columbia and we are currently advising teams across the United States.

While our accreditation highlights our quality of work and provides comfort in the accuracy of our analysis, our extensive test experience provides us with knowledge on interpreting the data obtained and how it relates to your requirements. In addition to the internal validation processes Aercoustics employs, we have undertaken a significant program for external and independent validation with industry colleagues.