We have been privileged to apply our expertise to transit station and terminal projects for outdoor sound propagation review, modelling, and mitigation including stations across the Toronto Transit Commission Toronto-York Spadina Subway Line Extension, Union Station, Lester B. Pearson Airport Terminal 1, and Toronto’s Eaton Centre.

Outdoor noise propagation is an important concern for station design as station ventilation noise runs the risk of affecting neighbouring residents. Our services include providing acoustic and vibration assessment to clients in support of their applications for new or updated Environmental Activity Sector Registry (EASR) and Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) to the Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks (MECP), the development and implementation of Noise Abatement Action Plans (NAAP), and acoustic design of transportation infrastructure spaces.

Aercoustics has provided acoustical engineering services for the purposes of designing and improving existing transit station acoustics for ensuring adequate speech intelligibility from the PA system. Understanding messages from the transit operators are essential for information purposes and especially for emergency situations. We have developed complex acoustic models of platforms, concourse, stairwells and entrances with speaker type and placement as input to evaluate the base acoustic condition of the entire terminal. We deliver successful multi-purpose acoustic designs for clients, which lets them maximize the use of real estate space, and in some cases increase opportunity for revenue.