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wind farm noise

Don’t Let Concerns Fall on Deaf Ears: How to Manage Wind Farm Noise Complaints

Posted by Duncan Halstead /

Home to the world’s ninth largest wind generating fleet, Canada is a global leader in wind energy with strong and stable growth year after year. According to the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CANWEA) (now known as the Canadian Renewables Association), Canada finished 2019 with 13,413 MW of wind energy capacity, enough to power approximately 3.4 million homes…

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Career Growth: Advance Your Career Within a Company

Posted by Michael Medal /

If you talk to people at Aercoustics, you will find many who started their career as an intern and experienced tremendous career growth as he or she climbed the ranks. We recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of one of our colleagues who started his career here as an intern…

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How to Keep Your Transit Project on Track

Posted by Tim Preager /

The growth of cities is increasing the demands on transit systems. Whether it is above ground or below, municipalities everywhere are facing increased pressure to enhance transit services and expedite their transit projects to alleviate the traffic on existing systems and busy roads.

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Pitch Perspectives

Can You Repeat That? Optimizing Acoustics with Speech Intelligibility

Posted by Payam Ashtiani /

Humans have used speech to communicate for thousands of years. Our brains and ears have evolved in tandem to optimize our ability to communicate via speech. When it comes to making different sounds, our vocal reproduction system is quite a marvel of versatility. For example, the Taa language spoken in parts of Botswana and Namibia is believed by most linguists to have the largest sound inventory with more than 100 consonants.

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Starting a New Job in a Pandemic

Posted by Ibbtida Khan /

Finding Creative Ways to Train and Integrate New Team Members While Working Apart. As the end of my Mechanical Engineering program came, I eagerly awaited the “Iron Ring” ceremony, a ritual which is the calling of the engineer. My big day came on March 7th and was followed by several big parties. But one week later, the province was locked down.

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