Aercoustics Acoustic Engineer Consultants Open Chicago Office

Aercoustics Engineering Expands to Chicago

U.S. client work drives need for new location

Aercoustics Engineering Ltd, a leader in acoustics, noise and vibration, is pleased to announce that it has opened a second operation in Chicago to better serve its growing list of U.S. customers.

After more than 40 years in business, Aercoustics has become Canada’s largest acoustic consulting and engineering firm and decided it was time to expand and start a second operation in the US.

“Our U.S. client list continues to grow and when the opportunity to open a second location in Chicago appeared, we decided it was time to expand our brand, says Steve Titus, president and CEO, Aercoustics Engineering Ltd. “Unlike other firms, Aercoustics offers comprehensive services to our clients including environmental noise, ground vibration and architectural acoustics services. Our new presence will allow us to serve all of our customers better.”

In Chicago, Scott Hamilton will re-join Aercoustics to help grow the brand. This Chicago presence will allow Aercoustics to better serve clients throughout the continental United States by using the full expertise and production capability of the firm. Aercoustics Engineering has already completed an engagement with Wright State University in Ohio and provides ongoing support to the State of Vermont and its wind energy strategy.

“This is an exciting new stage of the Aercoustics business plan and is part of our investment in our future growth,” said Titus. “We feel we are well-positioned to expand not only our U.S. client base but also pursue international opportunities.”

About Aercoustics

Founded in 1974, Aercoustics is one of Canada’s leading engineering firms with specialized capabilities in all aspects of acoustics, noise and vibration control. Dedicated to outrageous engineering, their team of experts collectively strive to enhance acoustics so an audience can experience the sound and feel the silence of everything from spoken word to the finest musical performance. The winner of numerous awards including the Canadian Consulting Engineers Award of Excellence and The Schreyer Award, their expertise have earned them a reputation of making the impossible a reality.

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