Aercoustics Takes Part in 20th Annual CANstruction Event

Aercoustics has been a proud participant in Toronto’s CANstruction competition for many years. This year, they helped celebrate 20 years of supporting The Daily Bread Food Bank with the architectural event that has teams building wondrous structures from canned foods.

This year, Aercoustics was awarded the 2019 Best Meal for their “Many Cans Make Light Work” barn-silo CANstructure, symbolizing the coming together of a community to invest in the wellbeing of those who need it most. The Aercoustics team built the structure from vegetables commonly grown on farms across Ontario. See Aercoustics’ entry in Toronto’s 20th annual CANstruction competition.

Aercoustics also won the Structural Ingenuity and People’s Choice award in 2014 for their “This Loon Sure CAN Fish!” CANstructure. See some of the structure highlights from past years of CANstruction events.