Mixed Use

In areas where space is at a premium, developers are combining retail, residential, and commercial uses into a single location. Residential amenities are no longer limited to a swimming pool or small gym. These amenities now commonly include grocery stores, fitness centres, restaurants, co-working spaces and doggy day-cares.

Buildings with multiple uses can be a blessing or a curse. Combining a residential space with a place to socialize or work can bring multiple acoustic challenges that need to be addressed before construction. The nature of mixed-use development is evolving and not all of these noisy neighbours are addressed in the building code. Aercoustics helps mitigate the acoustic risks that come from competing, sensitive uses and support developers and tenants in adhering to environmental regulations. Our experts design to meet all acoustic performance requirements from Tarion to local building code and we have the experience to fill in the gaps to prevent tenant complaints after construction. Our successes have been proven many times over. With Aercoustics’ help the residents of the Lansdowne Park Redevelopment comfortably co-exist with the 24,000 seat, open air TD Place Stadium.

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TIFF Bell Lightbox & Festival Tower condominiums

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