Data Centre Noise Permitting and Controls


  • Eastern Canada
  • Outside Canada
  • Western Canada

The Challenge:

For decades, data centres have been vital to the continuity of daily operations for companies in markets ranging from government to education to science and technology. Individual operating groups provide facilities that house an organization’s critical applications and data with a network of computing and storage resources. It takes a lot of equipment to manage the power and temperature of such a large system, which can introduce excessive unwanted noise and vibration. As a result, data centres in both rural and urban areas can exceed local noise standards and interfere with their surrounding areas. Sometimes, meeting the guidelines alone may not be sufficient to appease those living and working in the areas around the site and we can help provide the best solution for each circumstance.

The Innovation:

We have experience with many data centres around the world, both working with existing operations and starting with a new site from day one. For each project, we have acoustically tested equipment, performed vibration monitoring, and used noise modelling to provide the appropriate services to the different sites. Whether it be assisting with site planning, equipment selection, or mitigation requirements, we have been able to guide each data centre to use the most practical and affordable solution necessary.