Hydro One


  • Eastern Canada

The Challenge:

To self-register, lower risk facilities in Ontario need to have an Acoustic Assessment Report (AAR) as part of the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR). This report must be dated, signed and sealed by a licensed engineering practitioner (P. Eng.).

The Innovation:

This self-registry was devised by the MECP as part of their modernization of approvals to allow lower-risk facilities to self-register, rather than go through the often time-consuming process of review and approval by Ministry engineers. An important part of this registration is the noise study, or Acoustic Assessment Report (AAR), which evaluates the noise impact against the sound level limits and includes a description of any required noise controls. Aercoustics has many experienced, Professional Engineers on staff who are experts in the requirements from the O.Reg. 1/17 legislation, We have supported many facilities through the EASR process, such as Hydro One, food distribution centres, and peak-shaving generator installations.