Sanofi Pasteur


  • Eastern Canada

The Challenge:

To ensure that this bustling facility, set within a residential Toronto neighbourhood, was brought into compliance with Ministry of Environment sound level limits.

The Innovation:

The Sanofi Pasteur facility dates back to the early 1900’s. With over 350 noise sources including all the HVAC and manufacturing equipment, noise increasingly became an issue for surrounding residents. Aercoustics was brought in as an expert to implement a Noise Abatement Action Plan and bring the facility into compliance with the Ministry of Environment sound level limits. This is no easy feat when dealing with large-scale facilities with hundreds of noise sources. Aercoustics led the way in terms of identifying, measuring, designing, and most importantly, verifying noise reduction measures upon installation. By working with Sanofi, we were able to plan and implement a long-term strategy to bring the facility into compliance over six years. This allowed us to take advantage of operational improvements and planned capital upgrades to also implement the plan within Sanofi’s budget. Now the facility is in compliance, with minimal complaints from residents and improved community relations.