• Wood buildings and houses can pose interesting problems for noise control

    Timber! Wood Buildings Make a Comeback

    Wood is an abundant, sustainable and affordable natural resource, which makes it suitable for many types of construction. A report on mid-rise wood frame buildings, commissioned by the BILD, estimated the cost savings of using wood frame for six-storey buildings could amount to 15 to 20 per cent less than a concrete structure.

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  • TTC Streetcar - Vibration Testing for Transit

    Is that an Earthquake or Just the Streetcar?

    Do Light Rail Transit (LRT) vehicles shake the ground they travel on? Can you feel an LRT in your house while you are trying sleep? Can an LRT shake your house more than an earthquake?

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  • What Did You Say?

    Community spaces can involve a plethora of different uses within a building. Many of the uses can become acoustically sensitive depending on the activity being performed.

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  • New Rules for Builders Promises Quieter Condos

    Did you hear? The Builder Bulletin 19R has been updated by Tarion! And acoustics plays a big part of the update. The Tarion bulletin provides an incredible depth of information for a builder to follow during design and construction of their building. Previous versions of the document listed various risk areas for condominium projects. Builder Bulletin 19 now lists Acoustics as its own risk area.

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  • Power Plants Cause Acoustical Pains

    You’ve got a new gas turbine simple cycle or cogeneration power plant, or just finished an overhaul or modification, and it generates way too much noise or vibration. What happened and how can it be fixed?

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  • Noise Control & Reduction for Power Generation Industries

    The Power of Wind

    Recent commitments made by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at COP21 outline the current desire across the country to push towards renewable sources of energy production and cutting our country’s carbon emissions. A majority of that new renewable power is expected to come from wind power generation.

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  • Large facilities need to meet with NPC-300 compliance

    New Rules Pressure Large Facilities to Keep it Down

    Many commercial and industrial facilities that at one time had no need to consider their noise impact on the surrounding environment are now finding themselves out of compliance with Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change noise regulations or the cause of ongoing noise complaints, and are under pressure to remediate their operations. To the noise control engineer tasked with developing a noise abatement action plan (or NAAP) to remediate a facility in this situation, this can present a particularly interesting challenge...

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  • Your Second Big Break

    As a recent post-secondary graduate I have experienced first-hand the challenges faced when finding that first job on the path towards a great career. A quick online search shows the well understood hurdles new graduates have in landing that first big break in the industry. But let’s say you’ve beat the odds and created the right opportunity, what’s next?

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  • Wind Turbines: So what’s all the noise about?

    Over the past few years, regulatory scrutiny over noise from wind turbines has steadily increased in Ontario. We continue to read stories about people complaining about wind turbine noise, and the increased amount of litigation in the industry. Although claims are flying on both sides, the issue that keeps coming up is noise. So what’s all the noise about?

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  • Internships are about more than getting coffee

    My time at Aercoustics has not been entirely what I expected. I came in as an intern in May of 2014, and I expected to be doing what an intern does. In my mind, this involved a lot of sitting at a desk, doing the jobs nobody else wants to do, learning a lot, and waiting for 5pm to roll around. My internship at Aercoustics has surprised me in more ways than one.

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