• Sending Employees on New Adventures Actually Builds Company Loyalty

    Experiencing life in other countries broadens horizons and allows you to learn about culture, food and people in another part of the globe. For many years, universities and colleges have embraced study abroad programs as an academically enriched opportunity.

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  • Open offices present interesting challenges for room acoustics

    Design an Open Office that Doesn’t Suck

    Open office layouts are no longer a tech or creative sector trend. They are becoming much more common in a variety of workplaces and for good reason. With proper design and room acoustics, open office spaces can provide a collaborative and efficient workplace while saving a lot of space.

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  • Noise Complaints in a Commercial / Office environment

    Keeping the Peace at Work

    Noise concerns—and noise complaints—are usually associated with residential properties because everyone has the right to peace and quiet in their own home. Commercial properties are often forgotten since they are a place of work.

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  • A noise audit may be required for your large industrial facilitiy

    Cheat Sheet on How to Pass Your Noise Audit

    Environmental noise pollution in Ontario has been regulated since the 1970s. But it wasn’t until years later when residential developments started to encroach on industrial sites that noise pollution became a concern, forcing plant owners to take a long and hard look at the impact on surrounding areas.

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  • Decibel measurement gauge, measuring noise for Environmental Compliance Approval

    Environmental Compliance for Business 101

    In Ontario, any business that releases pollutants into the air, land or water or stores, transports or disposes of waste, is required to have an environmental compliance approval from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC).

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  • Wood buildings and houses can pose interesting problems for noise control

    Timber! Wood Buildings Make a Comeback

    Wood is an abundant, sustainable and affordable natural resource, which makes it suitable for many types of construction. A report on mid-rise wood frame buildings, commissioned by the BILD, estimated the cost savings of using wood frame for six-storey buildings could amount to 15 to 20 per cent less than a concrete structure.

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  • TTC Streetcar - Vibration Testing for Transit

    Is that an Earthquake or Just the Streetcar?

    Do Light Rail Transit (LRT) vehicles shake the ground they travel on? Can you feel an LRT in your house while you are trying sleep? Can an LRT shake your house more than an earthquake?

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  • What Did You Say?

    Community spaces can involve a plethora of different uses within a building. Many of the uses can become acoustically sensitive depending on the activity being performed.

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  • New Rules for Builders Promises Quieter Condos

    Did you hear? The Builder Bulletin 19R has been updated by Tarion! And acoustics plays a big part of the update. The Tarion bulletin provides an incredible depth of information for a builder to follow during design and construction of their building. Previous versions of the document listed various risk areas for condominium projects. Builder Bulletin 19 now lists Acoustics as its own risk area.

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  • Power Plants Cause Acoustical Pains

    You’ve got a new gas turbine simple cycle or cogeneration power plant, or just finished an overhaul or modification, and it generates way too much noise or vibration. What happened and how can it be fixed?

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