York Farquharson Life Sciences Building


  • Eastern Canada
Image Credit: Steven Evans

The Challenge:

This project was the complete renovation of lab space within a heritage structure. The space was reconfigured to accommodate open teaching labs, CL-2 research spaces, and gathering spaces and replacement critical lab equipment. The architect created a central utility spine with lab environments at the building centre. The client was concerned with vibration isolation for sensitive lab equipment and construction noise and vibration impact on existing and operational labs adjacent to the renovation space.

The Innovation:

We controlled the noise and vibration impact on researchers to ensure that they can be productive and are not overly distracted or fatigued by long exposures to excessive levels of noise and vibration. Teaching laboratories required good speech intelligibility, achieved through control of excess reverberation and background noise.

Services also included advice on managing construction noise and vibration, as the client was concerned with impact on the existing sensitive laboratories. Aercoustics used specialized microphone equipment to complete simultaneous ultrasound measurements across five channels to accurately assess the impact of construction noise and vibration on the critical lab space.