Environmental Approvals

Facilities in Ontario are required to register under the Ministry of Environment Environmental Activity Sector Registry (EASR) or apply for Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) permits. In order to fulfil this obligation, in many cases they require an Acoustic Assessment Report that outlines the facilities current noise emissions and, if they exceed the sound level limits, recommendations to control the noise. Aercoustics uses industry standard approaches and software to model each source and facility to determine the impact. From there, we develop noise controls to bring noise levels into compliance. On large-scale projects this can be very challenging, as we have to identify the key sources and ensure that controls are feasible and practical. We have successfully provided assessments for Thorold Cogeneration, Karmax Heavy Stamping and Ingredion.

We have the required manpower and instrumentation capabilities to deliver acoustic surveys, acoustic performance verification and other noise related tasks, everything that is required by reviewing authorities. Our large and technically diverse team is not only capable of punctually accomplishing the proposed scope of work, but eager to meet and surpass the work standards of the client.

Our projects have met with a great deal of success before reviewing authorities such as the Federal Environmental Assessment Review Panels, Provincial Ministries of Environment, as well as many Consolidated hearing Boards such as the Ontario Municipal Board/Local Planning Appeal Tribunal and the Ontario Energy Board.

Helping facilities get environmental compliance approval.

Thorold Cogeneration, Karmax Heavy Stamping and Ingredion

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Helping elevate industry standards.

Environmental Activity and Sector Registry Protocol Review

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